Myday 38 AND 42 SERIES

Model 38 Series 42 Series
Center high 480mm 530mm
Swing over bed 960mm 1060mm
Swing over cross slide 650mm 750mm
Swing voer gap 1510mm 1610mm
Width of gap 570mm
Width of bed 560mm
Distance between centers 1500(60"), 20000(800")
Spindle bore Ø 156mm,Ø 230mm,Ø 360mm,Ø 510mm
Spindle nose A2-11, A2-15,A2-20,A2-25
Number of Spindle speeds 9-600 / 6-400 / 3-250 / 2-100
Tailstock spindle Ø 125MM
Spindle taper MT#6
Quill travel 300mm
Cross feeds 0.065-0.96(48 Kinds)
Cross travel 540mm
Cross slide travel 300mm
Longitudinal feeds 0.13-1.92(48")
Lead screw diameter Ø 50mm x 2TPI
Threading range, metric 2-30mm / Pitch(48 Kinds)
Threading range. inch 1-15 TPI(48 Kinds)
Module pith threads 1-15M(32 Kinds)
DP.Pitch threads 2-30P(48 Kinds)
Main spindle motor 20 HP (25HP , 30HP Optional)