Combi-U7 Specifications

Working surface 1800mm x 700mm
T-slots (number x width) 5 x 18 mm
Distance between T-slots 125 mm
Max. permissible load 1500 kg
Longitudinal travel 1600mm
Cross travel 750 mm
Vertical travel 900 mm
Axes feedrate 0 – 10,000 mm/min
Rapid feedrate 0 – 16,000 mm/min
Taper NT50
Speed - 2 speed Automatic with ZF Gear Box 0-1000 /1001 -4000rpm
Spindle Motor 24 /38 kw Heidenhain
X 22 Nm
Y 26 Nm
Z 22 N/m


1. Heidenhain TNC 620 or FANUC Oi
2. Ball screw :X ,Y,Z axis Ø50mm
3. Automatic centralized lubrication system with pressure switch
4. Telescopic complete chip cover on 3(three) axis
5. Bed, column, saddle and head with cast iron GB300
6. Complete enclosure with 2 sliding door in front and one sliding door at rear for CE norm
7. 2 chip screw at both side of the bed and 1 lift up chip conveyor in front
8. Flood coolant system. The quantity of coolant water is adjusted by potentiometer on the operator panel.
9. Hydraulic weight balance with French Olear accumulator
10. Automatic power off with M function
11. Air blow with M function
12. Heidenhain HR410 electronic hand wheel
13. Preparation of the PLC for 4th axis
14. Preparation of Heidenhain TS220 work piece touch probe : Supply TS220 cable (Heidenhain CNC only)
15. 5 pull studs
16. Spindle orientation for rigid tapping
17. M head
18. Head and ZF gear box oil cooling
19. Box Slide way: X, Y, Z axis with Turcite and B-plast
20. Linear feedback scales for X, Y, Z axis



A2 Head ..… ISO50, DIN69871.Universal bi-rotary automatic 2 positioning head (Vertical / Horizontal)
2. Automatic Tool Changer (Vertical) 24 tools
3. CTS (Coolant thru spindle)
4. Coolant washing gun with separate 9 bar pump
5. Air conditioner for electric cabinet
6. Heidenhain iTNC530 Controller
7. Heidenhain Tool Touch Probe TT140
8. Heidenhain work piece touch probe TS220
9. Heidenhain work piece touch probe
10. Manual guide i (FANUC Controller)
11. Preparation of the continuous 4th axis
12. Electronic hand wheel Heidenhain HR520 (Heidenhain CNC only)