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Absolute Machine Tool Pty Ltd is a Brisbane based company providing a wide range of high quality machine tools for industry across Australia. We supply prompt spare parts backup, technical support and CNC training.

Absolute Machine Tools is proud to be the Australian importer and distributer for KiHeung Machinery Co. KiHeung is a leading machine tool manufacturer in South Korea, and is known and respected around the world for accuracy, reliability and durability of their heavy duty machine tools.

KiHeung specializes in heavy duty conventional and CNC milling machines with table travels from 1.2 metres to 15 metres.

KiHeung Products include: Bed Mills, Ram Type Mills, Double Column, Moving Column, "T" Type, High Speed 5 Axis Machining Centre, and Horizontal Borers.

Kiheung Bed Mills

Kiheung Moving Column Mills

Kiheung KMB Point Bed Mills

Kiheung Mimax Double Column Vertical Machining Centers

Kiheung KNC Ram Type Machining Centers

Kiheung Combi Milling Machines

Kiheung Ram Type Borer


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